Labrador Retriever ♥

Labrador Retriever; intelligent, friendly, loyal, cheerful, tail-wagging, eager to please but with a noticeable stubborn streak. That's me, Jody.    

#tongueouttuesday in advance.
Mommy needs to work but not motivated. Jody is bored silly at home. So daddy brought us both to the place with no Monday blues, #w39bistro.

Heh, she was trying to avoid my angry stare but she turned at the word “now”, cos she knows she will be in deeper shit when the word “now” is used. Haha and yes my alarm is ringing in background.

Early morning drama. @jodythelabrador’s crying.

Look who is a happy girl at U Petgamart today! Thank you U Petgamart for the goodies bag! Visit U Petgamart at 27 West Coast Highway, Singapore 117867. It’s a shopping heaven for your pets! #upetgamart #singaporedog #singaporedogs #sgdog #sgdogs #lab #labrador #labradorretriever #retriever 
 (at U Petgamart)

My first #hyperlapse with music added with #meipai. Hurhur

I love @jodythelabrador very much.

Jody’s begging faces - I’m eating.

Jody looking sad, but she’s just eyeing the food in my hand.

Swimming at U Petgamart today! (at U Petgamart)