Labrador Retriever ♥

Labrador Retriever; intelligent, friendly, loyal, cheerful, tail-wagging, eager to please but with a noticeable stubborn streak. That's me, Jody.    

Look who’s back from her staycation and grooming with @petslagoon!
I made Jody pose for photo. She’s obviously not happy.
As long as we keep holding hands, everything is ok.
Went for a short hike today with my parents!
I went for a photoshoot session. Mommy wants to get a DSLR now. I look good, right?
And of course, Jody giving her sweetest look at James, Fredrick and Alda in exchange for food.  (at W39 Bistro & Bakery)
Awarding Jody for being a good girl with her favorite swim time!
Interaction between Jody and Keats.
I’m in love with Keats. She’s a mini Jody lookalike! Jody is a little overwhelmed by overdose of puppies that she is hiding under daddy’s legs. Lol
Jody’s face is “not again? How many #selfie do we need?” So funny! And yes I’ve purple hair now!