Labrador Retriever ♥

Labrador Retriever; intelligent, friendly, loyal, cheerful, tail-wagging, eager to please but with a noticeable stubborn streak. That's me, Jody.    

Will you play with me?
I am going to dress up like a reindeer for Halloween, so that everyone will get a scare when they realize they haven’t buy Christmas gifts yet!
Jody doing her best to imitate the other two dogs at U Petgamart.  (at U Petgamart)

Enjoying a relaxing swim.

Jody’s expression is saying, “there’s food on my right. There’s food on my left. There’s food behind me. There’s food in front of me. And you’re still forcing me to sit still for photo?!”  (at U Petgamart)
Mommy loves Jody. 😘

Jody and her new interactive feeder toy from U Petgamart.

Blessed Jody. U Petgamart gave her a new interactive feeder toy, a new towel, and many many bags of snacks! Thank you U Petgamart! 

U Petgamart is located at 27 West Coast Highway. Visit them for a doggy pool, pet friendly cafe, and pets’ supplies.
Maybe if I put my head up, I will be as tall as Dan Dan, the famous Great Dane at U Petgamart.  (at U Petgamart)

I’m just lying on the floor watching my dog sleeps…