Labrador Retriever ♥

Labrador Retriever; intelligent, friendly, loyal, cheerful, tail-wagging, eager to please but with a noticeable stubborn streak. That's me, Jody.    

Jody and her new interactive feeder toy from U Petgamart.

Blessed Jody. U Petgamart gave her a new interactive feeder toy, a new towel, and many many bags of snacks! Thank you U Petgamart! 

U Petgamart is located at 27 West Coast Highway. Visit them for a doggy pool, pet friendly cafe, and pets’ supplies.
Maybe if I put my head up, I will be as tall as Dan Dan, the famous Great Dane at U Petgamart.  (at U Petgamart)

I’m just lying on the floor watching my dog sleeps…

Mommy, I killed the bear.
Mommy is not working today, so we are out for a morning walk!
Which one suits her best? Haha!
Haha, Jody and all of her collars! 

[L to R] purple rhinestones collar and pink collar from @pawfectionsg, Coach collar, her very first collar! Red bones collar also from @pawfectionsg and red leather collar from Sydney. 😜
Hey black labrador, dafug you’re trying to do?!  (at Sun Ray Cafe)
Jody looking happy in car again, but today she’s going for vaccines. I must have booked a mistake in the booking because we got assigned to Dr Jennifer instead of her usual Dr Wendy! Boo!